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Some thoughts on Joe Paterno’s death … may he rest in peace!!

Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno has died of complications from lung cancer. He was 85. I am so sad about this. Joe was an amazing football coach. He had been associated with Penn State’s football program for more than sixty years, first as an assistant coach before taking over as head coach in 1966. Paterno led Penn State to over 400 victories, two national championships and had the distinction of being the only head coach to have his team appear in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

However, Joe will also be remembered for his part in the sex abuse scandal involving his long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. After Sandusky was charged, Penn State fired Paterno in November after it became known that he was informed of Sandusky’s conduct and did not contact local authorities.

Days after his firing, Paterno’s son stated his father had been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer. Who knows some days how it will end. Unfortunately, and this is the sad part, he started better than he finished. So very sad.

Earlier this month, Paterno was replaced as Penn State head coach by New England Patriots offensive co-ordinator Bill O’Brien.

So … what will we remember Joe for. I hope, over time, the great coach he was. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

May he rest in peace.

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