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Do you want the life of any Christian you know?

A curious warning is given to us in Peter’s first letter. There he tells us to be ready to give the reason for the hope that lies within us to everyone who asks (3:15). Now, what’s strange about that passage is this: no one ever asks.Hope

When was the last time someone stopped you to inquire about the reason for the hope that lies within you? You’re at the market, say, in the frozen food section. A friend you haven’t seen for some time comes up to you, grasps you by both shoulders and pleads, “Please, you’ve got to tell me. Be honest now. How can you live with such hope? Where does it come from? I must know the reason.” Has this ever happened to you? Under any circumstances?

Yet God tells us to be ready, so what’s wrong? To be blunt, nothing about our lives is worth asking about. There’s nothing intriguing about our hopes, nothing to make anyone curious. Not that we don’t have hopes; we do. We hope we’ll have enough after taxes this year to take a summer vacation. We hope our kids don’t wreck the car. We hope our favorite team goes to the World Series. We hope our health doesn’t give out, and so on. Nothing wrong with any of those hopes; nothing unusual, either.

Everyone has hopes like that, so why bother asking us? It’s life as usual. Sanctified resignation has become the new abiding place of contemporary Christians. No wonder nobody asks.

Do you want the life of any Christian you know?

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  1. pmishler
    January 20, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Sanctified resignation…powerful description.i and so true that so few ask where the hope comes from. It seems to me most PEOPLE feel they are the Alpha and Omega have.no need of God. what a terrible shame because one day the walls of their own temples will fall and it will be to late. i feel we should find ways to plant seeds in peoples hearts and minds si they come to ask.

  2. Dave Wells
    January 20, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Wonderful post!

    People ‘ask’ questions when they notice you. Whenever I go to NYC (which is like hardly ever), I walk down the streets and look to see if there are any famous people walking around me. I’ve never noticed one. Probably not because they’re not there, but because they’re doing things to conceal their identity. If one of them were to un-conceal themselves (and occasionally they do), they’re hounded by the curious who take photos and ASK questions.

    I believe it’s the same with Christians. If we’re really not doing anything that would draw attention to ourselves that suggests we’re Christians, why would anyone approach us with a Christian-type question. On the other hand, if we’re ‘open’ and ‘active’ about who we are, people make inquiries.

    I can’t help but think of my wife — she works at a place where she really can’t be ‘too’ open about her faith, but she does what she can when the Lord moves her to do so. As a result, it is not infrequently that people come up to her to ask for a prayer, or ask for wise counsel, or ask a Bible-type question.

    If people can identify us, they’ll ask questions. God bless you!

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