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Who is the ultimate pioneer?

God got everything started. Everything came from Him. His word made it all happen. He is also the one who keeps everything going. Without Him it all come to a standstill. So, He starts it all and keeps it all moving.

His son Jesus came as a pioneer. He led the way through His suffering on to the glory He experienced it first. God started it all. God keeps it moving and now His new agreement with us is to complete it all as well. Jesus leads us as the new pioneer of supernatural courage and faith.

God is the one who saves us from the endless cycle of missing God’s goal for our life and those of us who are saved have an origin that we share in common. It is all about Jesus. And Jesus doesn’t hesitate to treat us all as family and friends. We are all together with the one starts, keeps things going and is now completing His good work. How amazing it is. How stunning He is.

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    May 24, 2013 at 8:08 am

    Truly awesome my friend. When we stop been so busy in our daily chores of the moment and come into the realization that it is truly our faith that moves us into the higher realms of life where God desires us to be, we will live in joy, peace, power, purpose and prosperity. Thank you for this mighty blessing this day. Continue to stay focus and hold onto God’s unchanging hands.

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