Atlanta Braves History

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continuously operated professional sports franchise in America. Follow the Braves history and you follow baseball from the inception of professional league play.

On January 20, 1871, the Boston Red Stockings were incorporated. Two months later, they became one of nine charter teams of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, the first professional league and the forerunner of the National League. Now known as the Atlanta Braves, it is the only one of today’s 28 big league organizations to have fielded a team every season professional league baseball has been in existence.

The Seasons

1871 National Association is formed. Owner: Ivers Whitney Adams




1875 Players: Joe Borden, Foghorn Bradley, Dick McBride, Al Spalding, Ross Barnes, Cal McVey, James White

1876 National League is formed. Record: 39-31 Manager: Harry Wright  PlayersLew Brown, Andy Leonard, Jack Manning, Tim McGinley, John Morrill, Tim Murnane, Jim O’Rourke, Bill Parks, Harry Schafer, Frank Whitney, George Wright, Harry Wright, Sam Wright, Joe Bordon, Foghorn Bradley, Jack Manning, Dick McBride, Tricky Nichols

1877 Record: XXX Manager: XXX Players: XXX

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