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Atlanta Braves History: Fred Tenney manages the team to eighth place (1911)

When you are President  of the club you get to make the decisions. So, William Russell had had enough of Fred Lake and bought out his contract. Fred lasted one year. His predicesor would fare no better. Maybe they needed a new President. None the less, Russell went to a familiar name to manage the team in 1911. Fred Tenney.

So, how did he do? 44-107. Finished eighth. 54 games behind.

But we ought to be fair to Fred. When offered the job, he turned it down. He had a very bad experience doing the same job in 1905-07. His assessment. The club was “rotten”. And, no one argued. But Russell persuaded him to take the job anyway. He offered him some stock in the team. He also let him make some changes. Not good enough I guess.

Atlanta Braves History: Rabbit Maranville starts at $125 a month (1911)

The third of five children, Walter James Vincent Maranville (Rabbit) was born on November 11, 1891, in Springfield, Massachusetts. His mother was Irish but his father and the Maranville name were French. Walter (then known as “Stumpy” or “Bunty“) attended the Charles Street and Chestnut Street grammar schools and played catcher during his one year at Technical High.

His father, a police officer, allowed him to leave school if he apprenticed for a trade, so at age 15 he quit to become a pipe fitter and tinsmith. To his father’s dismay, Walter devoted less attention to his apprenticeship than he did to baseball. He was playing shortstop for a semipro team in 1911 when Tommy Dowd, manager of the New Bedford Whalers of the New England League, signed him to a contract for $125 per month.

The 19-year-old shortstop batted .227 and committed 61 errors in 117 games. Not sure if that was worth the $125 a month or not.

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