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Are we doing our best or are we doing what is required?

December 9, 2012 Leave a comment

We are all focused on are we doing our best. The culture of self improvement requires we worship “the best”. It is somewhat sad. What if our best isn’t good enough to God. What if Jesus challenges us to see things differently.Best

In God’s world there is our best which falls short of what God wants and there is are we doing what God wants. Are we doing what God requires?

Jesus challenges us to love God with all that we are, with our whole strength, and with every fiber of our being. Jesus challenges to love everyone we know and meet. This is our focus. This is what is required.

Are we doing our best or are we doing what is required?

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Did you do your best? Then you can forget the rest.

November 27, 2012 Leave a comment

One of mentors always had a great question. I can still hear it. “Is this your best work?”

Did you do your best? Then you can forget the rest.

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Will I do my best?

How often do I dog it, not giving my best?

Paul challenges us to live differently. We have opportunities every day to help work things out. We need to do our best. God has given us his Spirit. We know what He wants us to do. We should do it. No if, and or buts. God is clear. We need to do it.

May I do my best.

And, oh, yes, Syzygus, since you’re right there to help them work things out, do your best with them. (Philippians 4:3 The Message)

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