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Is it all about the messenger?

March 16, 2013 1 comment

There is the messenger. He is delivering the message. Who are the followers following? The messenger or Jesus. Is it clear from the message?

The message is what HE has done. The message is HIS good news. The message is HIS new plan. The real messenger collects followers for Jesus. He doesn’t send out messengers who have fancy rhetoric of their own. The message of Jesus on the cross can’t be trivialized into mere words. The power of His death on the cross and His resurrection is demonstrated beyond mere words. It is demonstrated with real power that heals and changes lives.

That is the new plan. The goal will be achieved. No doubt about it.

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The Message gets stronger in us

We are a people who understand the Message of Good News. That Message keeps get stronger and stronger in us. Nothing or no one can stop it. God will see His word be fulfilled. It happens through us.

May we allow the word of God to grow in us today. Just as He promised.

“The Message bears fruit and gets larger and stronger, just as it has in you.” ~Apostle Paul (Colossians 1:6 The Message)

Is this the latest, most faddish message?

August 25, 2012 1 comment

Is this the latest, most faddish message? No, God doesn’t deal in fads. His message of Good News to us is more like the ancient truths of all time.

His goal is to bring out the best in us. He figured out a way to do that a long time ago. His ways and word are true. Once He figured it out, that is all there is to it.

We need to look beyond the fads of the latest charismatic preachers. What did Jesus say? What is Jesus saying?

Jesus challenges us to listen to His message of good news. It is plain, it is simple, and it is true.

“It’s not the latest message, but more like the oldest—what God determined as the way to bring out his best in us, long before we ever arrived on the scene.” ~~Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 2:7 The Message)

“There is nothing left in your memory of God’s Message because you do not take his Messenger seriously.” ~~Jesus

There are many ways we hear about God. As a child in vacation bible school. The few times we actually read the Bible. But we have no real memory of God because we don’t listen to Jesus, His Messenger. We don’t take Him seriously.

Jesus challenges, demands of us, that we take what He says seriously. That is the way to God and the only way to God.

May we hear His voice. May we do what He says.

“There is nothing left in your memory of God’s Message because you do not take his Messenger seriously.” ~~Jesus

The original message

John simple got it. The message from God our Father and our Messiah Jesus is that we should love one another. That is it. There is nothing else. In fact, the way we know that we have been transfered to the way of life is that we love one another. If we don’t love one another, then we are as good as dead. Jesus was clear on this. John got it.

May I walk in His love and love everyone I meet today.

For this is the original message we heard: We should love each other. 1 John 3:11

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My work

April 29, 2011 1 comment

Paul made tents for a living. It wasn’t how he defined his work. His work was to help people understand the good news that God has for those who come into his life. It wasn’t even something he was talented at. It was a gift from God. He wasn’t qualified to do it but God gave him everything he needed to succeed.

My work is not what I do for a living. My work is to take advantage of the gifts He gives me and press on. It is His way in His world and that is good news.

This is my life work: helping people understand and respond to this Message. It came as a sheer gift to me, a real surprise, God handling all the details. When it came to presenting the Message to people who had no background in God’s way, I was the least qualified of any of the available Christians. God saw to it that I was equipped, but you can be sure that it had nothing to do with my natural abilities. Ephesians 3:7-8

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I can see clearly now

How do you sum things up in God? What is the main message? What is the elevator speech? John lets us know. He heard it directly from Jesus.

It is so very nice to have light and be able to see clearly. Stumbling around in the dark is no fun at all. God is pure light. In Him, we can see everything. He is pure. We can count on Him. It is His character.

That is the message.

This, in essence, is the message we heard from Christ and are passing on to you: God is light, pure light; there’s not a trace of darkness in him. 1 John 1:5

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