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How passionate is God?

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

God is passionately in love with us. His love is not just an average run of the mill kind of love. In His word he gives us analogy after analogy about how ecstatic and passionate His love is. It is the thrilling and exhilarating love of a bridegroom for His bride.

It goes way beyond anything we have ever experienced. He can’t remain quiet about it. He is shouting it out!!

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch . . . As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. (Isa. 62:1, 5)

Do you think you are pushing things too far? That is the only way to know how far you can go.

November 10, 2012 Leave a comment

God challenges us to get radical for his blessed son Jesus. We need more passion not less. We need to more radical not softer. We need to pray to be more bold.

This is his way.

Do you think you are pushing things too far? That is the only way to know how far you can go.

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Is Jesus Mr. Rogers with a beard?

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Jesus is passionate. He is not Mr. Rogers with a beard. His objective is not to be a nice guy but to do what God wants him to do. Am I a man of passion or apathy?

There are worse things than caring too much. Lots worse. Like caring too little. Like not caring at all. Like caring about the wrong things.

When the Passover Feast, celebrated each spring by the Jews, was about to take place, Jesus traveled up to Jerusalem. He found the Temple teeming with people selling cattle and sheep and doves. The loan sharks were also there in full strength. Jesus put together a whip out of strips of leather and chased them out of the Temple, stampeding the sheep and cattle, upending the tables of the loan sharks, spilling coins left and right. He told the dove merchants, “Get your things out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a shopping mall!” He was angry. He was passionate.

Jesus leads a life of passion. He drove a bunch of crooks out of church. “His disciples remembered that it is written: ‘Zeal for your house will consume me’” (John 2:17).

May I be consumed with passion for being in the presence of God. May I burn with that kind of love.

Do I have a burning passion for Jesus?

July 5, 2012 2 comments

Do I have a burning passion for Jesus? Is He my all in All? Do I love Him more than life?

“I slept not all night, because Thy love, O my God, flowed in me like delicious oil, and burned as a fire . . . I love God far more than the most affectionate lover among men loves his earthly attachment.”

—–Madame Guyon, a French mystic (1648-1717)
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“It’s hard to be ready for the jungle when you train in the zoo!” ~~Kris Vallotton

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Now this is a good and convicting word from God. Jesus calls us to be passionate and all in for God. He shows us the way and promises we will do greater things than He did when He was here.

I am desperate for God. I want more of Him. I am lost without Him every minute of the day.

It’s hard to be ready for the jungle when you train in the zoo! We have domesticated the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which has caused us to loose heart for the call of the wild. Jesus took water and turned it to wine. 2000 years later we have turned the wine into grape juice. We have proactively organized risk right out of the Gospel (Good News) and wonder why we are bored out of our minds. Religion has left us starving for the great adventure. Where are the Believers that rock kingdoms and sent demons on a screaming exodus? ~~Kris Vallotton

Killing Desire is not Sanctification: God is not a Hard Man

Jesus told of the man who entrusted three of his servants with thousands of dollars, urging them to handle his affairs well while he was away. When he returned, he listened eagerly to their reports. The first two fellows went out into the marketplace and doubled their investment. As a result, they were handsomely rewarded. The third servant was not so fortunate. His gold was taken from him, and he was thrown into “outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” My goodness. Why? All he did was bury the money under the porch until his master’s return. Most of us would probably agree with the path he chose-at least the money was safe there. But listen to his reasoning. Speaking to his master, he said, “I know you are a hard man, harvesting crops you didn’t plant and gathering crops you didn’t cultivate. I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it” (see Matt. 25:14-30 NLT). He was afraid of the master, whom he saw as a hard man. He didn’t trust his master’s heart.

The issue isn’t capital gains-it’s what we think of God. When we bury our desires, we are saying the same thing: “God, I don’t dare desire because I fear you; I think you are hard-hearted.”

Even though we may profess at one level a genuine faith in him, at another level we are like the third servant. Our obedience is not so much out of love as it is out of carefulness. “Just tell me what to do, God, and I’ll do it.” Killing desire may look like sanctification, but it’s really godlessness. Literally, our way of handling life without God. The deepest moral issue is always what we, in our heart of hearts, believe about God. And nothing reveals this belief as clearly as what we do with our desire.

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