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What did Jesus accomplish for me?

This is in fact stunning. How can I characterize His sacrifice? It was perfect. There was nothing lacking in it at all.

Why? He was perfect. There is nothing lacking in Him at all. So what did that accomplish for me? He is maturing me through His purifying process. He is next to our Father sitting in authority. He has all power and will do everything He needs to get it done.

For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified. Hebrews 10:14

What is God’s new plan for us?

Our Father had a new plan for us. It wasn’t based on the old plan where sacrificing could cover up for us missing the goal that God has for us. Nope. No more “things to do” to be in right standing. Now that is good news.

Jesus took care of all of that. Nothing left we can do to get right with God. Now Jesus has taken His seat of honor next to our Father. It is the seat of absolute perfection right alongside God. Not even angels have that kind of honor. Angels have a special place with God. Jesus is way above that. Jesus is the faithful Son. God celebrates what Jesus did for us.

The absurdity of God

Different cultures and religions have unique views of God. There is only one message though. That is the message of Jesus. He is everything wrapped up in something that doesn’t make sense to our puny minds. The message actually seems absurd to us. It doesn’t make sense to us at our human level.

God is absulute perfection and completely set apart from what we naturally know. Jesus came and has given us the key to enter into His presence.  Jesus is everything we need.

While Jews clamor for miraculous demonstrations and Greeks go in for philosophical  wisdom, we go right on proclaiming Christ, the Crucified. Jews treat this like an anti-miracle—and Greeks pass it off as absurd. But to us who are personally called by God himself—both Jews and Greeks—Christ is God’s ultimate miracle and wisdom all wrapped up in one. Human wisdom is so tinny, so impotent, next to the seeming absurdity of God. Human strength can’t begin to compete with God’s “weakness.” 1 Corinthians 1:22-25

Start to finish

Jesus came to us where we are. He moved into the neighborhood. Not in a distant way but near. The everlasting Son of our Father became like us. He became flesh and blood. He had feelings like us. He was tempted like us. He succeeded and establish a whole new government on this earth of ours. His new plan is so superiour.

He became a one of a kind glory. Absolutely perfect. No defect or missing the mark at all. He was just like the Father. Everything He did was what He saw His Father doing. He is generous in and out. From start to finish is absolutely amazing.

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