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“Don’t you dare test the Lord your God.” ~~Jesus

December 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Satan comes to us and subtly makes suggestions. Or, maybe they are not so subtle. Satan may even quote scripture to us. He did with Jesus. Test God

The essence of the suggestion is not trusting in God and testing Him. “If you are God, then …”

What does Jesus have to say about this. What does He say to Satan. He is clear. We are not to test God.

“Don’t you dare test the Lord your God.” ~~Jesus (Matthew 4:7 The Message)

“Beat it, Satan!” ~~Jesus

December 15, 2012 6 comments

Jesus understands Satan’s approach. Three times Satan tempts him.  Authority

Jesus quotes God’s word and then uses his authority to send Satan on his way. Jesus has given us the same authority. We are in the new plan with God. Jesus brokered the agreement.

May I use the authority of Jesus.

“Beat it, Satan!” ~~Jesus (Matthew 4:10 The Message)


We are made of flesh and blood. Jesus came in flesh and blood, just like us, to rescue us from the curse we have on us. He came to rescue us from death. He actually embrace death for us. He took it on Himself. He made it His own. Because He defeated death, He destroyed our enemy Satan’s hold on death. He freed us all who have been scared to death of death.

He went to all of this trouble for us humans. He had to enter into every detail of human life for us. He experienced it all. Birth, life, death and resurrection. No detail missed at all. He lived by not missing God’s plan so that we can be freed from missing the mark and live a life with God. He went through all the pain and test for us. He is qualified to help when help is needed.

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