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“Do you want to get well?” ~~Jesus

Jesus can ask us direct and stunning questions. Imagine you have been an invalid and crippled for 38 years. Now it is not like you don’t believe in miracles because every day you go to place where miracles occur. You believe for sure.

Jesus comes up to you but He doesn’t ask “Can I drive you to the Doctor?”, or “Can I get you some crutches?” or “Can I pray for you?”. There were lots of questions that Jesus could have asked. What he did ask is “Do you want to get well?”

It was a pretty direct question. It seems almost harsh but I don’t think He asked it harshly. The man didn’t answer yes or no. Many times when Jesus asks us a question, we don’t answer directly either.  The man simply explained that he had a problem. Jesus knew that.

Jesus isn’t about the problem. Jesus is the solution.  So, no offer of going to the Doctor or crutches or prayer. Just a command to get up and walk. The man, acting in faith, did just that. The man believed Jesus and acted.  Jesus healed him. It all started with a stunning question.

“Do you want to get well?” ~~Jesus (John 5:6 The Message)

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